Marijuana Comic Books and Strips

An individual reviewer (senior author) attentively read each piece of law and listed information onto an abstraction sheet. marijuana comics data were supported via an alternative method like a state-specific clinical bud internet site to guarantee proper interpretation of the legislation. Just one reviewer completed each abstraction twice with a one-week washout period between concepts. The next author (Winters) separately examined the data about human state legislation (based on in; no inconsistencies with the older author’s description of the law were first uncovered.

For each nation, information was collected on several quantitative and qualitative things regarding their bud policy (medical only or both psychiatric and medical ). These variables were recorded and are included in Table 1: how the bill has been passed (popular vote, by state legislature), the percentage of the vote connected to the passing of this bill, the entire year of passing, whether registration is mandatory, and also the number of health conditions that eligible for medical bud intervention.

The cultivation index was derived from the amount of enabled immature and mature plants per country. A state can have a maximum of six points: 0 for no farming is allowed, 1 point for the cultivation of 5 immature plants, 2 points to its cultivation of 5 -10 immature plants, and 3 points for cultivation of more than 10 immature plants Three additional points were delegated for nations that also permitted the cultivation of mature plants.

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