Is Artificial Grass Samples safe for a home garden?

As more people have busier lives, the time they used to spend on maintaining their lawns can now easily be put to better use. What’s more, there needn’t be any mud brought in from the garden on a rainy day, nor any bare patches during dry weather.

Artificial grass is very easy to maintain, offers excellent drainage and is even pet-friendly. The biggest reason for its popularity though is the quality of the surfaces. Synthetic grass now very closely resembles real turf in both its appearance and the way it feels underfoot.

From our Nearly Grass range, which is manufactured at our West Yorkshire factory, you can choose between a range of different pile heights and even choose a lawn with green and beige blades for a very realistic look. All of our artificial lawns are designed for at least 10 years’ use and will maintain their quality throughout all weather conditions.

Artificial grass is made of plastic. Will it catch fire?

Artificial grass will not catch fire, however if any flames or embers do make contact with the synthetic turf fibres it will cause damage and make the plastic fibres melt. So it’s best to always be careful with anything like barbecues, cigarettes or any kind of open flame near an artificial grass lawn.

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