Who will win: Today’s Predictions on the 2nd ODI Match (Australia Tour of England)

England vs. Australia

Australia seems to be having a difficult time establishing its presence in the host team’s turf, against England, after a rather shameful defeat in the first match they played as part of the 2nd ODI, Australia Tour of England. Out of the five total games that are to be played, the game tomorrow, i.e. 16th June 2018 will truly be the decider of the fate of this tournament. Australia is looking to avenge the defeat and England wishes to take advantage of its home turf to drive the victory home. It’ll be an interesting match to follow and make cricket predictions. Scheduled time of telecast is 3:30 PM tomorrow (Indian Standard Time) or 11 AM local (Greenwich).

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Factors of Assessment

The following need to be kept in mind for tomorrow’s nail-biting game:

  • Although the previous game was thrilling to watch, both teams appeared to have a weak top order. Whoever is able to pull a strong batting line up and open the match with runs truly has the game.
  • That being said, the match is set to be played at Sophia Gardens in Cardiff and that pitch is a batsman’s best friend.
  • For England, their batting line up seems to be good with Morgan and Root, but Australia has a couple of good bowlers at hand, like Stanlake and Neser.
  • Wicketkeeping is at par for both these teams.

Match Prediction

The most obvious choice for Australia to succeed would be choosing Morgan on the lineup, but overall Maxwell, Finch, Bairstow, Hales, all seem like promising performers. All-rounder that may perform well tomorrow is Stoinis, M Ali and A Sagar. Bowlers like Tye, Plunkett, and Neser would be the good choice for betting as well.

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