Importance of Electric Heaters

An electric heater is an electrical heating device that converts electric current to heat energy that is then converted into useful work. The heating element of an electric heater is an electrical resistance coil that follows the principle of Joule’s law of heating i.e. electric current passing inside a resistor converts the electrical energy to heating energy. Generally, this heating element uses Nichrome as its core material due to its good thermal conductivity properties. They work on the principle of an ideal heat pump that follows a reverse Carnot cycle. German Heaters are the best variety of electric heater currently running in the market for both its robust design as well as economic cost.

German Heaters

German Heaters

German Heaters are the most efficient and robust variety of electric heater that is popular in the market. They are made up of the best quality of steel and ceramic that retain heat energy and release them slowly and effectively through the fluttered body. The steel flutes of these heaters maximise the flow of warmth inside the room while the front part of the radiator provides the radiant heat that aids in human comfort and effective room heating. Some of the advantages of these German Heaters are as follows: –

  • The integral programming option allows full and complete control of each radiating element and is located at the end of each element keeping in mind the final aesthetics of the product.
  • The simple dial control option helps easily in setting the optimal comfortable temperature and the entire mechanism is quite simple.
  • It can also be controlled wirelessly through digital thermostats.
  • They ensure uniform and enhanced heat distribution to all corners of the room.
  • The ceramic core helps in the steady release of warm air to have maximum performance.
  • The body parts are covered by a 30-year warranty period.

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