Cao Đẳng Dược TPHCM- An Overview

Medical universities are one of the oldest ones as the study of medicines is done since ages. cao đẳng dược TPHCM, Vietnam is one of the most highly ranked pharmacy university of the country. Established in the year 1947, the university offers various courses and degrees in medicine, pharmacy.

cao đẳng dược TPHCM

The university offers faculty for seven courses and has a hospital as well. The faculties are:

  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of medicine
  • Faculty of Public health
  • Faculty of Fundamental Sciences
  • Faculty of Nursing and Medical Technology
  • Faculty of Traditional medicine
  • Faculty of Odonto-Stomatology

Admission procedure

The university offers admission to national and international delegates as well. The enrolment is in the form of direct examination. The international delegates can get information about the admission from various online portals. But make sure you are looking at an updated site.

The training programme

The training given to the students is such which adheres to the standards set up by the Ministry of Health and Pharmacy. The candidates are given theoretical as well as are made engaged in practical knowledge. Students are trained in a professional environment and work under the guidance of able and well-trained doctors and pharmacists.  The university takes it into consideration that the theoretical knowledge is united with practical at the well-equipped laboratories.

Career prospects

The university produces doctors and pharmacists every year. The capable students can surely set up private clinics and hospitals after registrations. The students with good morale and expert knowledge are also called by the University of Pharmacy under the rules and regulations of Ministry of education.

cao đẳng dược TPHCM, Vietnam offers various bachelors and masters degree in the medical field and is recognized by the government for its degrees. The career prospects of the university are also high.

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