Testosterone Pellet Therapy

A note on Testosterone

Testosterone is a body hormone responsible for building muscle mass, boosting libido, sharpening memory and maintaining high energy levels. It is a hormone found in abundance in men compared to women. However, with age hormonal imbalance occurs and requires treatment for the same. There are multiple ways in which testosterone is delivered to the body, such as creams, injections and pellets. However, for a long-term usage and right dosage pellets are recommended by hormone health Denver.

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The effectiveness of testosterone pellets therapy

            One of the ways to improve testosterone levels is by applying ointments. However, with that comes to a problem transferring them to other family members by means of touch. This led to the discovery of a more accurate and risk-free way to treat hypogonadism, a syndrome caused by testosterone imbalance. That is when the FDA in the USA approved testosterone pellets implantation. One of the major advantages of pellets over gel is their day to day compliance. It need not be applied on a daily basis and is dissolved periodically in a relatively more hypovascular subdermal space. This also avoids the risk of transmission to other members of the family. Natural hormone therapy Denver, however, defers to the idea of pellet therapy because of the risks it might pose.

Subjective risk assessment

Successfulhormone therapy is to achieve hormone balance, by using just the right dosage, delivered in the right way suiting ones’ individual need. Testosterone pellet therapy is inserting the pellets under the skin that slowly dissolve over a course of six to eight months and are sufficient to provide hormones for a period of four months. However, there have been researches that claim certain side effects that come with these including potential heart diseases, an increase in the red blood cell count etc. It is always advised to consult the appropriate doctor and study body condition before going for the therapy.

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