NYC summer housing

Before you agree to sign on the contract for taking up that housing in New York during your summers, just pause for a while and ask yourself if you are getting all the amenities that you should be getting here or at least in the other competing accommodations. Chances are that you will first start rummaging through the ideas on what kind of facilities you must be getting. In case you are unable to gather what all facilities an average NYC summer housing provides for, then this checklist will come handy to you every time you visit a new house to search for accommodation. This must also be helpful for finding accommodation online.

NYC summer housing


The house or room that you take up must be well-furnished. It can be semi-furnished or full-furnished, depending on how much money you are shelling out.


The kitchen is of utmost importance if you like having home-made food. If you are sharing rooms with someone, then you can even have a shared kitchen.

On-site laundry

This becomes quite essential given the fact that you won’t be able to devote time for laundry during your studies and internship.


This can be optional. You can find a small gym within the accommodation, if you are living in premium apartments, or can find a gym at a walking distance from your place.


Car parking and bike storage are crucial factors before renting a place. Your choice for NYC summer housing will depend largely on this factor if you plan to own a vehicle in NYC.

University bus shuttle

If you prefer commuting by public transport, then go ahead with this factor and ensure that your university (where you are interning or studying) has bus facilities plying at your place.

Indoor swimming pool

This is only for luxurious apartments. If you are taking one, then this factor needs to be accounted for, especially for summer season

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