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How to Edit VOB Video with AVS Video Editor?

edit vobQ: I need to cut some scenes in a VOB file. It was AVI converted to DVD format. Now I need to get rid of the ending. What is the best/easiest program you guys would recomend? Thanks in advance.

A: Are you looking for a VOB Editing software to edit VOB videos? Here I will recommend an excellent VOB Editing - AVS Video Editor, an outstanding VOB video editor which is what you are looking for. With this VOB Editor software, you can freely trim video, split video, customize video effect, add transition, etc.

Now we come to learn how to edit VOB with AVS Video Editor.

Step 1: Free download and install this VOB Editor software, and then run it.

free download video editor

Step 2: Import VOB videos that you want to edit.

Click Import button to load your VOB videos.

load your vob video

Select your video and press "open".

Select your vob video

The selected VOB video file will be added into the "Video" category of "Main Library".

Video category of Main Library

Step 3: Drag loaded VOB videos to timeline.

Follow the steps below and drag the VOB videos to timeline, and then you can begin to edit them.

Add your vob video to the Timeline

Step 4: Save Movies

When you finish the editing, click Save Movies button to create videos in assigned format.

If you want to continue the editing later, click Save Project to get a project file which records all your adjustment.

Donwload AVS Video Editor

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