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How to Edit MPEG4 Video with AVS Video Editor?

edit mpeg4Q: I have a few MPEG files and I need to snip off a few seconds from them. Is there a free program I can download to do this? Is iMovie the best way? I tried to import the .mp4 into iMovie, and it was taking like 10 minutes to import a 40MB .mp4. Is there some small, fast little app that can do what I want?

A: Use AVS Video Editor and enjoy the video joining, video splitting and video cutting functions. It is a powerful MP4 editing software to edit MPEG4 videos. It can also convert MMPEG4 files to other video formats and diverse multimedia devices.

Please follow the AVS Video Editor tutorial below to learn how to use AVS Video Editor.

Step 1: Install and launch the MPEG4 Editor software that you have downloaded.

free download video editor

Step 2: Import MPEG4 videos

Press the” Import” button within the “Main Library” pane to load the desired video file.

load your mpeg4 video

Select your video and press "open".

Select your mpeg4 video

The selected MPEG4 video file will be added into the "Video" category of "Main Library".

Video category of Main Library

Step 3: Add your video to the Timeline

Select your video in the file area and not releasing the left mouse button drag it to the very first row of the Timeline and then release the button to drop the video there.

Add your mpeg4 video to the Timeline

Step 4: Save Movies

When you finish the editing, click Save Movies button on the tool bar to generate videos. You can choose the output format following the wizard.

So easy! Free download MP4 Editor and have a try.

Donwload AVS Video Editor

Just go on learning How to edit MPG video with AVS Video Editor.