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How to Edit 3GP Video with AVS Video Editor?

edit 3gpQ: I have some videos that I want to rotate, and some videos that I want to add some background music and such. Right now, I don't know where to go, and what to do to edit these videos. I'm thinking maybe there's a program I could install or something. Do you have any idea how to edit 3GP files? I would be glad of any help.

A: AVS Video Editor is one of the best 3GP editing software which enables you to edit 3GP video files. In this way all the videos recorded with Mobile Phones can easily be edited and converted with 3GP Editor. 3GP Editor provides powerful video editing functions like video trimming, clips joining, adding audio, overlaying multiple video tracks, video effects and transitions appending, creating slide shows from still pictures etc.

Step 1: Download and install 3GP Editor. Launch it and follow the steps below.

free download video editor

Step 2: Import 3GP videos that you want to edit.

Import Mobile Phone 3GP video files that you want to edit.

load your 3gp video

Select your video and press "open".

Select your 3gp video

Then the 3GP video file you have chose will be added into the "Video" category of "Main Library".

Video category of Main Library

Step 3: Drag these imported 3GP video files to timeline.

After adding these 3GP files to timline, you can start to edit your 3GP videos.

Add your 3gp video to the Timeline

Step 4: Save Movies

If you finish the editing and want to get final movies to play on iPod, PSP, PDA, Smart Phones etc. Click Save Movies button on the tool bar and select the format or device as you want.

Donwload AVS Video Editor

Just go on learning How to edit VOB video with AVS Video Editor.